Gianna Scoino lives and works in Florence where she is teaching Painting at the Fine Arts Academy.
Her career as an artist began in the early 1970s, as she investigated optical and spatial phenomena, using transparent and reflective materials such as glass, plexiglass and mirrors; her goal was to modify and optically to alter the space as perceived by the spectator.
With these works, in 1974 she won an important study grant from the city of Florence, and in 1975 she participated in the National Quadrennial The new Generation, in Rome.
With these works, she began in the early 1980s to explore aspects of design, taking part in important exhibitions, collaborating with architects and seeing her work published in a variety of journals. For The architect Adolfo Natalini, in 1987, she made the glass doors of the new Teatro della Compagnia of Florence. Again in these years, she participated in the exhibition Object of Love (Oggetto d’amore), curator, Giuliano Serafini, at the Centre Pompidou in Paris - 1981, at the Museum of Modern Art of S. Paolo in Brazil - 1982, at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro - 1982 and at the Castel dell’Ovo in Naples – 1984.
She also participated in some design’s exhibitions: Il Sogno e la Piramide/The Dream and the Pyramid in Berenson gallery in Florida, Usa – 1984; Il Design delle donne/ Women’s design in Contemporary Furniture Museum in Ravenna –1991 and in Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia –1992; “21 artists” in Atelier Mendini in Milan - 1996.
At the end of the 1980s, she returned to painting, with an extended inquiry into signs--almost instinctual records of primal writing-working with textures of fabrics to create works that sometimes used heavy materials, sometimes almost veiled ones, as a collage upon which she painted large black marks, memories of the archaic fragments of writing that we have absorbed mentally and through our genes, and that lie deep in our consciousness. Marks, broken words, akin to meditation. Meditation to communicate with the deepest part of ourselves, our spiritual selves, the mistery that shows us the earth and sky, the real and the unknown, the arcane.
In the 1990s, Scoino pursued this theme of painting-writing. Through the sign as a fragment of writing, as a symbol, as instinctual communication, she sought to grasp a primary consciousness.
Later on the protagonist has become her own body, nude, slender and lithe, made available through a cast; this body is used as a sculptural support for the writing, or it is photographed and becomes the core of a complex cycle of collage in which it is filtered and increasingly distilled by repeated veils of gauze, attaining the symbolic force of an image that has returned to iconic status, where the writing flows out from the surface, falling in filaments now of sign, now of material, until it forms clothing, always through the diaframma imposed by the thin and transparent consistency of gauze.
We mention some exhibitions : solo exhibition in Bezuga gallery - Florence and in Miralli gallery in Viterbo - 1996; solo exhibition Segno-Ombra-Silenzio in Palazzo Pinucci in Florence and in Percorsi d’Arte’90 gallery in Venice - 1998; solo exhibition in Center of Artistic contemporary research Di Sarro, Curator, Barbara Tosi, in Rome - 1998; (S)cripturae, curator, Mirella Bentivoglio, in Dieda gallery in Bassano del Grappa - 2000 and in Modern Art Civic Gallery in Padova - 2001; Equi-valeh-nze,curator, Giovanna Giusti, in Atelier Valeh in Berlin; Italian Painting in Cristine Colas gallery in Paris - 2002; solo exhibition Tra segno e memoria, curator, G.Villani, in Sala Samonà of Municipality in Padova; solo exhibition in Sanskriti Kendra/International Center for artists in New Delhi, India – 2005.
A series of works called Kimono was shown in 2004 at the Pitti Palace in Florence, curators, Giovanna Giusti and Carlo Sisi. In these works, dating from 1999 to 2002, the artist, using layers of diaphanous gauze, wove forms resembling great sacred vestments, creations that call to mind clothing, and metaphorically, the decoration of the fabric through the writing and decontextualized signs, decoration that has become symbols.
In following years she showed with the solo exhibition Tarlatane ,curator, Roberta Ferrazza for Italian Institute of Culture in Istanbul, in Tophane–i Amire Kultur Merkezi in Istanbul – 2006; with solo exhibition Trame sottili at Artesì Gallery in Florence – 2006; solo exhibition Lo sguardo crudele, curator, Sonia Zampini, in Archeaological Museum in Fiesole- Florence – 2006, with Arte Mobile-dalla pietra al chip, curators, A. Borsetti Venier and A.Kimpel, in Kulturbahnof in Kassel -2006 and at Sala d’Arme of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence - 2007.
From 2006 she makes deeper on her passion on Artist’s Books like artist and like teacher and her works are present in many important exhibitions and book’s Biennals in Italy: Third Biennial of Artist’s book in Archaeologic Museum in Spoleto (Perugia) - 2006; Oggetto Libero in State Archives in Florence – 2007; Quasi Pagine in San Giorgio Library in Pistoia – 2007; VI Biennial of Artist’s Book in National Archaeologic Museum and Library in Città di Cassino – 2009; Traiettorie Liberate/immagini e musica dal Barocco al Contemporaneo in Sala ex Leopoldine in Florence – 2010.
In 2009 she participated at ArteMobile-Dalla pietra al chip, curator, A. Borsetti Venier, in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence; with solo exhibition Lo sguardo crudele, curator, R. Ferrazza, at Italian Institute of Culture in Lubiana; with La natura dell’immagine, curator, S.Zampini, in W. Bischoff Gallery in Berlin; with Il Corpo dell’Opera, curator,Vittoria Biasi, in Sala Ghiberti of Fine Arts Academy in Florence.
In 2010 she partecipated in Alchimia Debole in Architectural Workshop Studio in Florence; with solo exhibition Memoria Morbida in W. Bischoff Gallery in Berlin and in Immaginaria Arti Visive Gallery;
with solo exhibition Memoria Cucita in Tornabuoni Gallery in Florence, curator S. Zampini.
In 2011 solo exhibition at Press room and Pitti Club at Pitti Immagine – Fortezza da Basso in Florence.
She has collaborated with Pitti Immagine from 2004.